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Reza Rahman

Senior Manager, Business Systems Platforms at PointClickCare

Visionary and strategist to drive state-of-the-art Commercial Platform (CPQ/CRM) through the creation of LEAN and digital system, supported by data analytics, market intelligence, and business benefits. Leader with specialized skills in owning and managing Commercial Platforms, business process optimization, and delivering commercial projects. Integrity, Quality, and Team Work are the three personal values which helped me contribute to commercial management, business process improvement, and CPQ/CRM projects for more than 21 years.

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Kiran Yerneni

Senior Director – Digital Operations at Baker Hughes

My passion has been around evaluating, developing & designing commercial applications which are in the Inquire to Order phase (ITO). Spent last 10+ years in CRM/CPQ space within General Electric trying to solve complex business sales process using the COTS solutions and also developing custom built CPQ applications on cloud (AWS).
Hands on technology leader responsible for leading technical teams (19+) for strategy, product development, integrations & operations for CPQ & AWS pricing initiatives.

I would like to help companies identify the right CPQ tools for their sales quoting. Work with CPQ product companies on their product road map to focus on the next gen OOB (Out of Box) features.

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Pramod Sonawane

IT Director – Global CPQ, CRM and Predix (IoT) Solutions

Senior IT Leader/Director with 20+ years of experience in implementing the IT solution for the industries like… Banking, Life Sciences, Energy, O&G, Services. Currently engaged in providing an IT solution to the very large & leading hi-tech engineering company for it’s engineering, commercial and sales and payroll functions.

Experience in implementing the emerging technologies and providing the solution to it’s highly complex & integrated platforms and verticals that consists of Cloud CRM, Oracle CPQ, Xactly (Sales Incentive Comp.), ServiceMax, Intelliquip, SAP, Octiv. Highly skilled in devising the robust solution to industry’s tedious & complex Pricing/Costing, Product Config’n, Risks & Deviations, Quote & Proposal automation. Executed by integrating them with CRM, Commercial & Risk processes w/ back-end Mfg BoM and ERP Variant config’n for an accurate and seamless order execution.

Hybris (SAP) eCommerce, SOA/wS integration, platform support are the other key components of the ecosystem of my expertise with primary domain knowledge in Marketing, Sales, Services, Product Engg. & Commercial Finance.

Sales Incentive Compensation: Delivered an accurate and precise Sales Inc. Comp solution in 2019, for our 3000+Sales and Commercial team by using the leading platform and seamlessly integrating it with the complex comp rules, plan as well as with the legacy systems like ERPs and Payroll.

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