Month: June 2020


COVID-19 and Market – 3 Articles

COVID-19 and its impact on the market, how we are fighting back, how the emerging markets are being hit and new business opportunities.

5 Ways The World Fought Back

A recent graduate “upcycled” his gown into personal protective equipment for healthcare workers (and inspired others to do the same), researchers found an antibody from a 2003 SARS patient that could be effective against the new coronavirus, and a team of MIT economists crunched the historical numbers and came up with some encouraging results on vaccine development.

Opinion: Coronavirus is crushing emerging markets. Why the rest of the world will pay a price

Without adequate public health resources, the ability of developing countries to deal with the coronavirus pandemic is questionable. While home to around half of the world’s population, health care spending in emerging markets is about 5%-6% of GDP – less than half the 14% of GDP that developed economies allocate.

Why some new businesses are springing up during COVID-19

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